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Peace of Mind

Starting any new business involves an element of risk. At 3R we have gone to great lengths to make sure that all new companies that we create have a risk free environment so you can concentrate on recruiting. Let’s consider all risks.


  • Leaving the regular income of a perm salaried job can be very difficult, especially as a contract consultant where you have spent years building up a large & reliable contract plan. At 3R we make the transition as easy as possible. Firstly there is no expensive outlay to start-up. Secondly, when you do start trading, you don’t have to wait to be paid. When the invoice goes to your client, the margin is paid into your account. No waiting for your clients’ payment terms.

Cash flow

  • Unlike many factoring deals you get paid 100% of your margin straight away. We have also eliminated any risk of paying money back. Your contract business is insured against bad debt, so you are not exposed should one of your clients go bust when you are supplying them with contract staff.


  • Having previously built a £multi-million data back-up business, data security was high on our directors’ agenda. All your data is stored securely in the cloud and in line with the data protection act.

Legislation & Compliance

  • 3R provide you with all necessary contract documentation; client terms of business and a full suite of temp and contract agreements. Adobe EchoSign is incorporated into our systems and provides the simplest mechanism to instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely online, so you can change the game and work more competitively with your Clients and Candidates. All systems comply with current recruitment legislation such as EAA and AWR. The systems are also flexible to incorporate new legislation as & when required. We also have relationships with the industry’s leading bodies and con pass on discounted terms for you and/ or your new company.

    REC Member, Institute Of Recuirters, APSCo

Contracts & Tie-ins

  • We understand that long contracts and tie-ins can create caution when making a big move such as starting up your own business. We ask that you agree to work with us for the first year of your business, after which you are free to give 30 days notice and leave at any time

  • Of course we hope you find the service and value that we provide is essential to the good health and growth of your company and you will choose to stay with us.

Big Company Support

  • Although you are just starting up, you will have the comfort of knowing that you will be surrounded by the familiar names that you would have no doubt have used before. Broadbean provides a seamless link from the 3R CRM to hundreds of specialist job boards to advertise your vacancies.

  • We can help you build your database by providing access and unlimited downloads from Jobsite’s database of 3,200,000 CV’s.

  • You can post jobs where ever you like but we can pass on discounts with many of the big ones.

  • Andif you require meeting facilities anywhere in the UK, we can offer discounts from the likes of Regus.

  • Where most significant risks have been reduced, that leaves one real danger! Will you succeed? Do you have the ability & drive to succeed? If you don’t, your job with any agency will always be at risk – being employed is not risk free!

  • If you are good enough there is no risk!!!

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It's time to start your revolution.
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